Our plantation

Our plantation is located on 250m of altitude, on mountain Kosmaj, Serbia. On the edges of this mountain, in an intact nature, our blueberry plantation spreads on an area of 7ha. Only 40km away from Belgrade and 20km away from the highway, logistically, it is ideally positioned for fast deliveries.

Current maximum capacity is 100 tons of Duke blueberry.

Plantation is designed and established very modernly. Perfect results were accomplished by the influence of many factors: soil type and quality of water, adequate climate conditions, selection of most adequate sort, planting materials, irrigation equipment, anti-hail nets, fertigation system, cold storage located on the plantation…All assets are of the best quality, ordered from producers from Netherlands, Italy, Israel and Germany.

The technology of cultivating considers the use of first-class imported fertilizers and minimal use of pesticides.

Constant support is gained from an elite company “Zeleni Hit d.o.o.” Belgrade, which supply us with materials and products, but more important with technology of growth and cultivation. In collaboration with Professor Nebojsa Momirovic, co-owner of the company “Zeleni Hit”, we achieve exceptional yield and premium quality of our blueberry. Collaboration with Professor Momirovic allows us to be in step with new accomplishments, which we tend to apply effectively and efficiently on our plantation. Our permanent employees acquire and apply new knowledge and best practices, providing perfect results in a field.

Also, we hold Global Gap certificate.