Although we are young blueberry producers, we have achieved great results so far, in terms of yield, quality and market placement of our blueberries. We accomplished cooperation with several companies. Most of our produced blueberries have been sold to foreign markets, mainly Russia and West Europe.

Hand-picked, fresh blueberry, we pack into packaging that has been chosen by the client. So far we had different types of packages:

  • Cardboard box – 2kg net
  • Plastic crate – 3kg net
  • Plastic punnet –  125g net
  • Plastic punnet –  250g net

Packaging can also be done in a different way, depending on the wish and request of every client individually.

We produce and deliver premium quality blueberries to professional and reliable partners, on a long-term basis. As a reliable partner, we can assure quality and continuity.

DzodanBerry moto: Lets cooperate correctly!