Thanks to the Company “Zeleni Hit d.o.o”, DzodanBerry became first experimental plantation of the Digital Framing project, in fruit production. The project is realized by the respectable Bio Sense institute from Novi Sad, Serbia, which is the European center of scientific excellency for advanced informational technologies in field of sustainable agriculture, through the development of IT agriculture.

In competition with around 200 projects from all over the Europe – in which have participated some of the strongest European scientific research institutes (amongst them Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, Institute Max Planck, Fraunhofer and others), throughout multiple phases of competition in the past 2 years  – project Antares created by Serbian Bio Sense has dominated and won the first place, positioned in front of all the European Union countries, being the only project financed outside the EU. Partner of the Bio Sense institute on the project Antares, along with the Minister of education, science and technological development is the Institute Wageningen Research from Netherlands- leading world institution in the field of modern agriculture.

DzodanBerry is honored with the unique opportunity to advance its production and increase its competitiveness by combining traditional agriculture and the finest, most modern IT solutions, that are innovative on a global level.

As the first digital plantation, we believe that we secure outstandingly healthy and tasty blueberries, that are going to satisfy even the most demanding consumers.