About us

After a few years of research and will to combine business and nature, in 2015.we established our blueberry plantation on Kosmaj, Serbia. That was a family venture and a breakthrough from corporative carriers, directly to contact and relation with nature and healthy food.

And finally, here we are; family, nature and business – DzodanBerry!

Family business, with great ambitions and specifically emphasized passion to produce fruit of truly perfect quality, in collaboration with local population, contributing both, own and collective development. Surrounded by pure nature, caring for our surroundings, we nurture the tradition of Serbian hosts and ancestors and produce fruit by employing some of the best worldwide experiences.   

From the very beginning we implement only the best solutions. We cooperate with eminent experts and partners, abroad and on the domestic market. Furthermore, we closely collaborate with local community, and through regular and seasonal jobs, employ a big number of individuals and companies.

In the future, we are planning the expansion of our plantations and cultivation of healthy and fresh raspberries, blackberries and strawberries of premium quality.

We believe that in the near future, Serbia will be recognized for its blueberries as it has been already for raspberries, on the European fruit map. As pioneers on that pathway, we try to give our contribution, by establishing quality and long-term relations with our partners.